Linehan Artist Scholar Auditions & Portfolio Reviews

Students must submit a separate Linehan Artist Scholars application to be considered as a candidate for the program. The application and all supplemental materials must be received by January 15.

The 2023 Linehan Audition Date for Theatre is Saturday, February 4, 2023, 12:00-3:00 PM EST. This will be a live, virtual event conducted via Zoom.

Note: Linehan applicants who are actors will automatically be evaluated for the BFA Acting program during their Linehan interview and audition, and will not need to conduct an additional interview or audition with the Theatre Department.

To schedule your Audition or Portfolio Review, please go to the Scholarship Day Registration Form​.​

The UMBC Theatre Department faculty will assess each candidate’s artistic merit for the Linehan Artist Scholar Program and Fine Arts Awards. During the day you will have ample opportunity to interact with our faculty and current students.

Instructions for All Candidates

Login information for the Zoom audition is sent separately the week of February 4. Only those candidates who have completed the Registration Form will be sent the link.

In addition to the audition and interview activities, you will have the opportunity to talk with current Linehan Artist Scholars.

General Information Meeting: After checking-in, you and your parents are invited to attend the general information session about the UMBC Department of Theatre starting at 12:10 PM. After the general meeting, parents will be able to chat with representatives if they have specific questions while students will be sent to breakout sessions for review.

Auditions or Interviews: These will be conducted with current UMBC faculty members in breakout rooms. Please carefully review the instructions for each area of study. While waiting for your audition or interview, you may chat with current students, ask questions of faculty representatives, or be placed into a “waiting room” to allow you a chance to prepare in private.  Once you complete your audition or interview, you may leave the call.

Unavailable to Join: If you cannot make the live call on 2/4/23, or if you experience technical difficulties on the day, please contact Eric Abele at

Acting Candidates

Click here for acting audition guidelines.

All Linehan Acting Auditions are done in the same format as the BFA in Acting Auditions.

Design, Technical Production, & Stage Management Candidates

Click here for portfolio review guidelines.

Questions? Contact Eric Abele at