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Acting, BFA

The Acting, BFA track is designed for students who are interested in an intensive performance program leading to the pursuit of graduate study and/or careers in professional acting. These students immerse themselves in advanced technique in acting, voice, and movement courses, and learn the application of these skills to characterization in a wide range of productions in which they perform.

There are three ways to enter the BFA Acting program:

  • Early Acceptance for Freshmen. Students ready to commit to immersive actor training may audition for early acceptance to the BFA Acting major at a High School Theatre Festival, or at an on-campus audition in April or August. All coursework is the same as students in the First Year Review.
  • Accelerated BFA for Transfer Students. Transfer applicants may audition for the BFA and placement in upper-level studio courses at an on-campus audition in December, April, or August. Depending on previous coursework, transfer students may earn their degree in 4 or 5 semesters. Please note that this accelerated program is best suited for students who have already pursued acting training at their previous institutions.
  • First Year Review. Acting students who did not have the opportunity to audition, or need more time to consider their degree path, are enrolled in the first-year BFA acting courses with an invitation to apply in the spring. After observation in acting courses, and through advisement, the faculty admits students to the BFA based on ability, progress, work habits, and potential.

How to Audition for Early Acceptance or Accelerated BFA:

1) Apply and be accepted to UMBC.

2) Email about interest in pursing a BFA in Acting.

  • Please state if you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student.
  • Please state if you have applied to UMBC.

3) We will contact you with additional audition information.

[Click here for Acting, BFA FAQs]

Acting, BFA – 64 credits

Required courses in this degree program are listed below. There are also many lower and upper level Theatre electives that are offered to these majors.  For course descriptions, please visit the online UMBC Undergraduate Catalog.

Acting, BFA Core: Credits (30)

THTR 100 Stagecraft (3)

THTR 104 Costume Construction  (3)

THTR 110 Intro to Acting OR THTR 220 Craft of Acting I (3)

THTR 120 Intro to Theatre: Theory & Production (3)

THTR 202 Intro to Drama Lit (3)

THTR 261 Theatre Production: Running Crew (1)

THTR 262 Theatre Production: Light & Sound (1)

THTR 263 Theatre Production: Costumes OR THTR 264 Theatre Production: Scenery (1)

THTR 310 History of Theatre (3)

THTR 344 Script Analysis (3)

THTR 411 Modern Theatre: History & Practice (3)

THTR 460 Theatre Capstone (3)


Acting, BFA Requirements: (30 credits)

THTR 221 Craft of Acting II (3)

THTR 222 Vocal Training for the Actor I (3)

THTR 223 Vocal Training for the Actor II (3)

THTR 229 Movement for the Actor (3)

THTR 239 Movement II: Alexander Technique (3)

THTR 324 Craft of Acting III (3)

THTR 325 Vocal Training for the Actor III (3)

THTR 329 Movement for the Actor III (3)

THTR 345 Auditioning and the Business of Acting (3)

THTR 347 Character & Scene Study (4) OR THTR 421 Acting Shakespeare (3)


Production or Performance Requirement (4–12)

All BFA students must participate in a production or performance course in each of their final four semesters. These may be fulfilled with any of the following:

THTR 339 Advanced Production Techniques

THTR 390 Theatre in Production

THTR 490 Production Workshop