Faculty & Staff

The theatre faculty offers a rich diversity of theatrical knowledge, experiences and interests. Rigorously committed to art and exploration, the theatre faculty is active, caring, and dedicated to helping each and every student discover and develop their own artistic talents and interests. Our faculty possess a wide range of directing, acting, voice, movement and design techniques and have skills and experience in performance art and puppet theatre.

Full-time Faculty and Staff

Eve Muson
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Eric Abele
Associate Chair, Senior Lecturer, Costume Design
Nikki Hartman
Associate Professor, Acting & Directing
Susan McCully
Associate Professor
Joan Larkins Mather
Senior Lecturer, Costume Shop Supervisor
Colette Searls
Associate Professor
Adam Mendelson
Senior Lecturer, Lighting and Sound Design
Samantha Paradis
Assistant Production Manager/Stage Management Coordinator
Chelsea Pace
Assistant Professor, Movement Specialist
Greggory Schraven
Senior Lecturer, Production Manager/Technical Director
Sally Rath
Assistant Costume Shop Manager
Nate Sinnott
Associate Professor, Set Design
Evan McDougall
Assistant Technical Director/Head Electrician

Adjunct Faculty

Susan Stroupe Gerrad Alex Taylor     Joseph Ritsch Andrew Hann Louise Andrews


Danielle Drakes

Emeritus Faculty

Wendy Salkind
Emeritus Professor

Xerxes Mehta
Emeritus Professor

Lynn Watson
Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Professional Staff

Terry Cobb
Emeritus Professional
Associate Staff

Office Staff

Laurie Newton
Program Management Specialist
Jeff Miller
Administrative Assistant