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Design & Production Track

Design & Production

Students with an interest in Theatre Design and Production will study with faculty who are professionals in the field. Our Proscenium Theatre and Black Box Theatre are supported with the most sophisticated technology labs and equipment. In this track, several areas of design/theatre production are offered, including stage management, scenery, costuming, lighting, and sound. These majors have opportunities to work with faculty and guest designers as assistants, and they serve as designers on student-directed productions. They can also serve as a stage manager, master carpenter, master electrician, props master, draper, crafts person, and stitcher on a range of department productions and student projects.

As a prospective B.A. Theatre student with an interest in design and production you are not required to have a portfolio review, but talented students who bring prior accomplishments are encouraged to apply for the Linehan Artist Scholarship. If you have a focus in a particular area of design and you would like to know more about the opportunities within our program, please contact Laurie Newton at to be connected with the Faculty Advisor in charge of that area.

In addition to the Design & Production classes, students must also complete the BA Theatre core of classes.

Design & Production Track Requirements (21)

THTR 231 Drafting for the Theatre OR THTR 230 Drawing for the Theatre (3)


Two of the following: Credits (6)

THTR 232 Scene Design (3)

THTR 233 Costume Design (3)

THTR 235 Lighting Design (3)

THTR 237 Sound Design (3)


One of the following: Credits (3)

THTR 332 Advanced Scene Design (3)

THTR 335 Advanced Lighting Design (3)

THTR 336 Advanced Costume Design (3)

THTR 337 Advanced Sound Design (3)


Two of the following: Credits (6-7)

THTR 306 Fashion, Culture, Society (3)

THTR 330 Scene Painting (3)

THTR 332 Advanced Scene Design (3)*

THTR 335 Advanced Lighting Design (3)*

THTR 336 Advanced Costume Design (3)*

THTR 337 Advanced Sound Design (3)*

THTR 350 Directing I (4)

THTR 353 Stage Management (3)

THTR 354 Advanced Technical Production (3)*

THTR 371 Playwriting (3)

THTR 405 Ensemble II (3)*

THTR 432 Design Seminar (3)*

THTR 434 Patterning and Draping (3)*

*Courses marked with an asterix may not be counted in this section as repeated credits. 


Production Requirement: Credits (3–9)

As part of their final four semesters, all students in the BA concentration in Design & Production must complete three semesters of production coursework. These may be fulfilled with any of the following:

THTR 339 Advanced Production Techniques

THTR 390 Theatre in Production

THTR 439 Advanced Design Techniques

THTR 490 Production Workshop