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Linehan Acting Audition Guidelines

Group Warm-Up and Improvisation Session
After the General Information Meeting, acting candidates will participate in a 45-minute group warm-up and improvisation session, led by members of the performance faculty. Be prepared to move—no short skirts, excessively tight pants, long jewelry, high heels, etc.
Individual Audition
Following the group session, you will proceed to your individual audition with members of the faculty. Your audition will last about 10-15 minutes, and will include a brief interview. You will be released after your individual audition.

Individual Audition Requirements

Prepare one contemporary monologue, lasting no longer than two minutes. The piece may be either comic or dramatic, and should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Select a monologue you are passionate about—a piece that excites you; a character to whom you relate. Work on a monologue only if you thoroughly understand the character, the action, and the language.

2. The monologue must be from a contemporary play (written in the last 50 years or so) by an established playwright. Monologues may not be from films, television, or monologue books.

3. Choose a character that is not more than 6 years older or younger than yourself.

4. Read the play more than once to familiarize yourself with the play, the scene, and the character. Your auditors may ask you questions about the play, so be prepared!

5. Memorize and rehearse the monologue before you arrive for the audition.

6. Ask yourself and decide about the following questions regarding the character:

  • Why is my character speaking?
  • To whom is my character speaking?
  • What does he/she want to do or to get from the other person?
  • What is preventing her/him from getting or doing that?

7. Come prepared to do improvisations based on your monologue. Wear clothes to the audition in which you can move around, i.e., no short skirts, long jewelry or high heels.

8. In performing the monologue, do not speak directly to the people auditioning you. Do not speak to an imaginary person in a chair. Place the other person in front of you or slightly to the side of those auditioning you.

Find a printable PDF version of this information here.