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Sign Out a Rehearsal Studio

Access to Rehearsal Studios are based upon registration for selected classes. If you are not in one of the approved classes to use to the space, you will not be able to access the room. Consult the instructor in your Acting class to see if you are an approved user of these spaces. BEFORE using the space is it expected that you have read and understood the Room Use Policy Posted Below.




Faculty and current UMBC Theatre students may use studio spaces for their research/creative work according to the procedures and guidelines outlined in the General Room Use Policy below, in addition to the studio-specific policy posted in the space near the door. The Studios are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, as available to authorized students for course related rehearsals only.

Studios are signed out using these Google Calendar instructions (PDF, feel free to save). All authorized members of a class should receive swipe access to the room at the top of the semester. If, for any reason, you do not have swipe access to a Rehearsal Studio and you are in an approved class to use the space, please consult the Instructor of your class.

General Room Use Policy:

  • If there is an emergency (health or safety):

1) Call Campus Police at 410-455-5555

2) Email Gregg Schraven at and Samantha Paradis at to inform them of the emergency.

  • Except for entering and exiting, the doors must be locked at all times. Please bring your ID/campus card with you at all times so you can let yourself back in.
  • Do not prop open the doors.
  • Do not lend your swipe card to anyone.
  • Unless your instructor or appropriate staff member has trained you, you may not use or touch the AV equipment in the studio.
  • If you use anything on wheels, lock the wheels down.
  • The theatre lighting instrument configuration may NOT be re-hung, moved, refocused, or altered in any way.
  • No food or drink (except water in a sealed container).
  • Do not place anything in the windowsills as it will block the shades.
  • Do not drag furniture across the floor.
  • Do not use department production rehearsal items or remove them from the room/closet.
  • Keep the room clean and remove all trash when you leave.
  • Fold and put away mats under the sign on the wall.
  • Stack all blocks under the sign on the wall.
  • Stack all chairs on the chair rack.
  • If the floor is dirty, sweep it.
  • Turn off lights and A/V equipment when you leave.
  • Close and lock all doors when you leave (including rear doors).
  • No props, furniture, paperwork, or other items may be stored in the TRS, except with explicit permission.
  • Any personal items left in the room will be disposed of.
  • If you have any doubts as to whether you should do something with or to the room or its contents, ask the room’s Custodian, Samantha Paradis, first.
  • Please contact Samantha Paradis with any non-emergency problems at  This could include issues with room temperature, an issue with the AV or lighting systems, or if something is broken.

Special Note: If you wish to cancel a booked appointment, delete the event from your personal calendar so it appears in the studio’s calendar as cancelled and then please contact Samantha Paradis at so she can make the slot available to others.

Room Calendars

Theatre Rehearsal Studio (TRS) – PAHB 102

Acting Directing Studio (ADS) – PAHB 105

Fine Arts 318 – FA 318