Minor in Theatre

The Theatre Minor (Acting, Theatre Arts, or Design & Production) is ideally suited for someone interested in elements of Theatre that will serve to enhance their studies in another Major area. For example, someone interested in technology may enjoy taking design classes in lighting or sound to enhance a knowledge base on design technology. Someone with a career goal in public speaking may be interested in the vocal work done in an acting class or simply gaining comfort with presenting oneself and speaking in front of an audience.

Students in other arts fields have found the skills they acquire in their major intersecting with and enhanced by the theatre department in various ways. Visual artists have found applications for their skills in jobs such as props design and scenic painting. Music students may find applications for their studies in taking on a music/sound related production role on a show. Students interested in History can apply their research skills to dramaturgical work on a play. English majors interested in writing can explore playwriting and script analysis. Psychology majors can apply their skills to dissecting characters in scripts.

The Minor is very flexible and highly compatible with a wide range of career paths.

The current Theatre Minor will be discontinued in Fall 2024, and will be replaced with three new minors!

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Available Fall 2024:

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