Theatre, BA

Theatre Studies Track

Students interested in multiple areas of theatre practice develop an array of skills in both technical production and performance through this dynamic, flexible track. Those pursuing the Theatre, BA; Theatre Studies Track produce traditional theatre and devise new works by serving as directors, dramaturges, designers, performers and playwrights in an ensemble-based training. The track provides a rigorous course of study in technical production with training on state of the art scenic, audio and lighting equipment. The degree is ideally suited for the double-major wishing to combine this BA in creative practice with other undergraduate studies, such as the Arts Entrepreneurship Minor.

Theatre Studies Track– 47 Credits

Required courses in this degree program are listed below. There are also many lower and upper level Theatre electives that are offered to these majors.  For course descriptions, please visit the online
UMBC Undergraduate Catalog.

Theatre Core: Credits (36)

THTR 100 Stagecraft (3)

THTR 104 Costume Construction (3)

THTR 110 Intro to Acting OR THTR 220 Craft of Acting (3)

THTR 120 Intro to Theatre: Theory & Production (3)

THTR 202 Drama Literature (3)

One 200-level Design Course (3)

  • THTR 232 Scene Design (3)
  • THTR 233 Costume Design (3)
  • THTR 235 Lighting Design (3)
  • THTR 237 Sound Design (3)

THTR 261 Theatre Production: Running Crew (1)

THTR 262 Theatre Production: Light & Sound (1)

THTR 263 Theatre Production: Costumes OR THTR 264 Theatre Production: Scenery (1)

THTR 305 Ensemble I (3)

THTR 310 History of Theatre (3)

THTR 344 Script Analysis (3)

THTR 411 Modern Theatre: History & Practice (3)

THTR 460 Theatre Capstone (3)


Theatre Studies Track Requirements: Credits (11)

THTR 405 Ensemble II (3)


Executive Series “E”

One of the following: (3-4)

THTR 350 Directing I (4)

THTR 353 Stage Management (3)

THTR 371 Playwriting (3)


Literature Series “L”

One of the following: (3)

THTR 349 Gender, Sex & Theatre Performance (3)

THTR 410 Contemporary Political Theatre (3)

THTR 470 Drama Seminar (3)


Production/Performance Requirement: Credits (2 – 6)

As part of their final four semesters, all students in the BA Concentration in Theatre Studies must complete two semesters of production/performance coursework. These may be fulfilled with any of the following:

THTR 339 Advanced Production Techniques

THTR 390 Theatre in Production

THTR 439 Advanced Design Techniques

THTR 490 Production Workshop